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uGANDA, “tHE PEARL OF AFRICA”, HAS Approximately 36 MIlLION CITIZENS and ONE THIRD of those LIVE UNDER THE POVERTY Line. a FAMILy has on average 7 children and most of the time the mother is fully responsible to (financially) take care of them. Uganda, is where the source of the river nile is, home of the gorilla’s, the country where the average life expectancy is about 54 years, people die of the consequences of malaria and HIV and where a lot of people still don’t have ACCESS to education.

A woman’s worth is a community based organisation that is fully focused on the empowerment of women in uganda. mothers struggle every day to fulfill the basic needs of their families. they work extremely hard to fulfill all needs but at the end of the day they are barely able to provide at least 2 meals a day.  for a better and (financially) independent future for the women and their families it is important that they develop themselves and focus on long term goals and outcomes.

How we work?

knowledge is one of the most important things you can share with people to develop themselves. money is a short term solution but by sharing knowledge we enable them to take responsibility for their own future. We don’t provide money or loans because we believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experiences. a lot of women start a (small) business to generate an income but, mostly because of a lack of knowledge, they barely make a profit. our training programmes are focused on developing commercial and social skills. we teach them how to run a business and also pay attention to their personal development.  a lot of times their personal struggles take all of their energy so they are not able to focus on their business. we try to find a solution for their problems as it impacts on their family and business. for more information about our training programmes Click here.