“If you educate a woman, you educate a family, a community, a nation”

About us

Time for change! Education in Uganda is not self-evident, especially not for women. Quite often parents invest their limited resources in education for boys as they want the girls to help at home instead of going to school. Girls need to get married at a young age so they can start a family and stay with them. A lack of knowledge is most of the time the reason why women are financially unable to fulfill the basic needs of their families. They are not able to pay the school fees for their children so for a better future for the women and their families things need to change!

How can we do this? By sharing knowledge we make the women (financially) independent and we improve their position in different ways. We focus on: personal development and entrepreneurship.

We believe in the power of knowledge and therefore we don’t provide any money or loans.
Our training program lasts 6 months and is focused on these 2 subjects::

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‘You can’t judge a book by it’s cover’

- Prema

Who Are We

What we want

Every woman in Uganda deserves an independent and self-sufficient life!

How do we do this

We train Ugandan women in entrepreneurship and personal development so they become self sufficient and (financially) independent.

Organization and history

A Woman’s Worth is founded in 2015 by Susan Geurts from the Netherlands. After her first visit to Uganda in 2013 she was touched by the perseverance of the women. She worked for different organizations in Uganda and she found out that her commercial knowledge and experience added a lot of value to different communities. It made her decide to start her own organization for women, A Woman’s Worth.

"By sharing knowledge and experience you can create a huge impact in Uganda. A lot of organizations are focused on short term while they need long-term solutions ".

Susan Geurts


Diana van den Hasselkamp


Karin Sanders - van Duimen


Caroline Segers


Bart Hobo


Kenneth Agaba

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Office Manager

Ernest Mukasa

Trainer / Coach


Social worker

‘Learning how to save changed my whole life’

- Ven


To empower as many women as possible we need your help!

Of course every amount is more than welcome and besides empowering a woman you also empower her children as they all have a better future. Our experienced Ugandan team is very committed to help as many women as possible. You can choose to donate a certain amount every month but you can also donate just once.

Options: €10 / €25 / €50 / other

Options: €10 / €25 / €50 / other

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We are very grateful for the support of our partners as because of them we can empower women by sharing knowledge so they can build an independent life for their families.

By joining forces we are able to give women access to a better, self-sufficient and independent life. The companies below share our vision and contribute in various ways to achieving our goals. On behalf of the whole team and most certainly on behalf of the women we thank our partners for their support.

“If you educate a woman, you educate a family, a community, a nation”